The rules may live a little during the spring.
Aim is, to get them fixed before the 1st of May.
Comments are more than welcome!

Paying, first competitor 20 euros next competitors 20 euros each in the same boat. 

Equipment will be inspected before we allow you to start 
Compulsory equipment
  • helmet (bicycle helmet is a no-no)
  • you should be able to swim, the water is cold!
  • life west
  • deck ropes or similar from where the vessel can be pulled to the shore if needed
  • extra flotation fastened to the vessel. When left alone in the water, it should float mostly over the water surface
  • spare paddle for each paddler in classes K & C
  • kayaks must have spray-cover, kanoes must have flotation bags
  • SUP-paddlers - serious recommendation - elbow & knee shields and wet/dry -suit
  • something warm to drink (non alcoholic) in a thermos
  • spare clothing to every paddler
  • First aid kit, hypothermia blanket, bandages etc, full-loaded phone fastened to the competitor in watertight box/bag.
  • phone must include the phone number of the Quest´s safety manager
    (+358 50 3456 935)
  • copetitors minimum weight 45 kg (due to hypothermia risk)


Kayaks, K1, K2, women, men & mixed
Canoes, C1, C2, women, men & mixed
Rowing, solo, multi, women, men & mixed
SUP, women, men & mixed
Packraft, women, men & mixed

Open Class, make suggestion to the organizer

We go according to the rules of The Finnish Paddling & Rowing Association.
Only in Finnish, sorry.

Every finisher gets a medal.
There is no insurance covering the competitors.
You are on your own!

Oops, swim! 

You must be ready to help fellow competitors. If you see that there is a rescue operation going on in front of you. Try to stop in a safe place and wait until the operation is over. Note down the time & reason you are stopped, it will be deducted from your paddling time.

Ring III (Kehä III) and The Vantaankoski Rapids 
This part will be passed overland. There is a road to be crossed, be careful!

40 km start is (Kylmänojantie 339, Nurmijärvi) below Myllykoski -rapid 
Check in at 09:00 Start at 10:00

20 km start is (Tapolantie 26, Vantaa) above Königstedt -rapid  
Check in at 11:00 Start at 12:00

The goal is a pedestrian bridge by the Haltiala Manor Park.
(Korkmaninpolku, 00690 Helsinki)

Sponsor & Vantaa Marathon stickers. 
You have to put them on to your vessels outside, above waterline surface. You have to use the competition number in a visible place during the race.

Write your questions as a comment to this blog, so everybody sees both the questions & answers.

Register here >>>

Welcome & Good Luck
Wishes Hevossaaren Hampparit

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