Vantaanjoki marathon in short: be at Myllykoski at 9:00, start is at10:00. Paddle 40 km to the finish at Haltiala. Half marathon starts at Seutula. Be there at11:00, start will be at12:00.

There is one 400 meter dry land crossing, where you have to carry your canoe. You can have an assistant for that. From the finish you will get a ride back by somebody. If you have a ride, offer it to the others too. Thank you.

There are no common meals. By some of the rapids there are safety paddlers. If they give you advice of the route, believe them. The first 23 kilometres you are on your own.

The competitors are followed by two sweep-paddlers. They see, that nobody has been left behind.

Check the river details from here >>> Vantaa - The River

Paddle The Vantaa River from Myllykoski Rapids to Haltiala  Manor Park. Do it against timing!. Date 3rd of June, 2018

Kayaks, canoes, rowers, rafts, SUPs all together in the same event. 

You can choose either 40 kilometres or half of the Quest 20 km.

There are classes to every boater. 

Series  are divided to solo, multi, women, men & mixed.

Ring III (Kehä III) will be passed by walking  under the bridges. You can use outside help to carry your equipment. Be careful, there is a road with traffic to cross.

This is no Beer-floating!

Alcohol is strictly forbidden from competitors & their service groups. Competitor & their equipment will be checked prior start.

The clock is running to all competitors. Every competitor, fast or slow, will be timed. Enjoy & be safe.

First competitor 40 euros next competitors 30 euros each in the same boat.

If you have Euro Paddle Pass 2 sertificate, or if you are a member in Suomen Multisport Yhdistys, or in Kohina ry, you get a discount. 10 euros for first competitor, 10 euros for the next paddlers in your boat. 

Check the Rules here >>>
Register here >>>

You are most welcome to join!
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